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Grid WUD: WP Grids, WP Tiles, WP Gallery,
WUD light box, WP widget, …

Add customizable and dynamic  latest post, category or tag,
tiles, grids, widgets or galleries to your WordPress posts and pages.
Very easy to manage & 100% responsive tiles/grids and design!
Grid WUD

Sample – Manual Download

OnClick WUD custom URL’s & customizable Buttons

Enable OnClick events in Posts and Pages with Customizable Buttons or URL’s
Enable Javascript onclick events in posts and pages.Creates URL’s or Customizable Buttons.
Easy to use plugin, using a short code with a lot of features.
OnClick WUD

Sample – Manual Download

Auto Refresh Post Page WUD

Auto refresh time for your WordPress post and/or page.
Easy to use auto refresh field per post and/or page, no extra code required.
Each post or page can have a different refresh time.

Refresh Post Page WUD

Manual Download

What is WUD meaning?

WUD comes from the Dutch words: Wist U Dat.
Wist U Dat” in English is “Did You Know”.
So … Did You Know that all our plugins are 100% FREE?
And here you can read something about myself.
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