FREE WordPress Plugins to style your website!

A WUD grid/tile layout is a great way to display images, videos, galleries like photographs or a design portfolio.
You can display a manually chosen selection of posts, all your latest posts or an entire tag/ category.
This gives you tons of flexibility for what you want to display.

Categories and tags help you sort your content and make it easier for users to find what they are looking for.
When creating a WordPress post both categories and tags can come in very handy for organizing your content.
Using our plugin enables the same functionality for pages, with the option to use unique page categories and tags.

There are thousands of great WordPress plugins out there,but finding one that’s really good seems to be a big challenge.
When searching for a plugin,  it has to be free, responsive for mobile and tablet, fast, easy to modify, updated frequently, having support and much more…
This is the reason why I’ve started to build my own Free Premium WordPress plugins, with: Free download, use, modify, support and more.