About me …

First of all, thank you to visit my website!

There are thousands of great WordPress plugins out there,but finding one that’s really good seems to be a big challenge.
When searching for a plugin,  it has to be responsive for mobile and tablet, fast, easy to modify, updated frequently, giving support and much more…
This is the reason why I’ve started to build my own Free Premium plugins, with: Free download, use, modify, support and more.

More than 20 years of experience in ICT and web-design, helps me a lot to make today some plugins.
Beside that i wanted to create some plugins with Premium support, so the end user can request some new or discuss other plugin related things.

The way i build a plugin is different then other developers do …
I build always a new plugin with the minimum requirements and launch this one.
After the first requests/comments on the forum or when I’ve got a new idea, we build together on this plugin, until we have exactly what we’ve wanted.

Most of the new ideas are coming from the end-users, which make the plugin even better than we’ve expected.

For all those people who have helped in making the plugins in what they are today: THANK YOU SO MUCH!
I hope that more people like these will join our community so we can continue building our Free Premium plugins!
I believe that our Reviews can tell you enough how people appreciate our work.
If you have any question or need personal advise, please use the contact form, so i can answer your mail as soon as possible.

Do you have some issue/question about my plugins, use the WordPress support forum:
Category to Pages WUD – Grid WUD or Refresh Post Page WUD.

Before you will ask me, i give you the answer: YES the plugins, support, … will be for Free forever!

Cheers and have a nice day!

Kind regards, Danny.

Living in: Tongeren – Belgium (Europe).
Hobby: Enjoy my free days and develop plugins for WordPress.
Note: If you see me somewhere … just don’t forget to say hello!