Grids/Tiles from: Pods – Custom Content Types and Fields

To know more about the: Pods – Custom Content Types and Fields, read here.

Grid-WUD can create grids/tiles from Pods: projects, project types and categories.

If your Pods – Custom Content Types and Fields haves a project type: ‘custom_pods_type’:

To display these corresponding posts use the short code:
[gridwud slug="custom_pods_type" pods="1"].

Where custom_pods_type is the slug from your Project Type.
The given slug can be a Pods: project, project type or category.

Sample: short code Pods Project Type: “project_type_second”
[gridwud slug="project_type_second" pods="2"]

Sample: short code Pods Category: “worldpods”
[gridwud slug="worldpods" pods="1"]
will return:


Sample: short code Pods: “project” (where “project” is the name from the Pods project).
[gridwud slug="project" pods="1" ]
Will return all posts from this project.