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About Grid WUD
Add customizable and dynamic  latest post, category or tag, tiles, grids, widgets or galleries to your WordPress posts and pages.
It enables a short code [gridwud slug="my_cat_or_tag"] (categories or tags) or [[gridwud slug="100,412"]]  (post ID’s) which, when inserted in a page or post, creates a series of link tiles corresponding to the posts in a certain category or tag.
The image shown on the grid/tile is the first post/page, featured or video image.
100% responsive tiles/grids and design!

Enjoy our FREE plugin!

Grid WUD can use/make images to display from: Custom Post type, Pods – Custom Content Types and Fields, Gallery, Vimeo, YouTube, external images, Galleries, Widgets and change the WordPress Gallery to the Grid WUD Gallery with Light Box

The difference between the Grids and Tiles is that Tiles haves a space between them and grids are contiguous and without any space.