Samples explained in detail

[gridwud slug="my-things" title="NEW: BANNER SLIDER" grid="10"  popup="2" bannerheight="50"]
[title] enable custom title
[popup=”2″] enable banner/slider instead tiles/grids
[bannerheight=”50″] height of the banner in %

[gridwud slug="woocommerce" shape="7" gray="1" woocss="2"]
[gray=”1″] will force to show the images in color, even if the standard Grid-WUD setting is gray images.
[woocss=”2″] will show the article title only and on hover every other info.
[ slug=”woocommerce”] shows all the Woocommerce articles.

[gridwud slug="nature" shape="3" woocss="1"]
[woocss=”1″]  will show detailed info about the article and on hover every other info.

[gridwud slug="nature" shape="5" gray="1"]

[gridwud slug="green" shape="5" woocss="2"]

[gridwud slug=”my-things” shape=”2″ grid=”4″]
[slug=””] is here the slug my-things from category My Things.
[shape=””] shows the corresponding lay-out (see settings page), here lay-out number 2.
[grid=””] show 4 grids when loading the grids.

[gridwud slug="my-things" shape="2" grid="3" sticky="1"]
[sticky=””] if the value is 1: it force to show only Sticky Post.

[gridwud slug="my-things" shape="2" grid="4" tiles="2"]
[tiles=””] if the value is 0: it force to show Grids, 1: show Tiles and 2: show Tiles with shadow.

[gridwud slug="my-things" shape="2" grid="4" button="2"]
[button=”x”] if  the value is: 0 force Grids lay-out, 1: hide the Button and 2: force Archive page

[gridwud slug="my-things" shape="2" grid="4" title="My Title ..."]
[title=”x”] if  used it displays My Title … instead the default one.

[gridwud slug="my-things" shape="2" grid="4" bg="2" tiles="2"]
[bg=”x”] will hide the background images from the tiles and grids.
[bg=”x”] If x is 1 to 5, it will display the excerpt with title and a background color defined in the settings page.
[bg=”x”] If x is 11 to 15, it will display the excerpt without title and a background color defined in the settings page
In this sample, we are using [tiles=”2″] to separate the text tables (grids).

[gridwud slug="my-things" shape="2" grid="4" order="99"]
[order=”xx”] To force the order by and sort order, (see settings page) first x is is number from: ‘Order by’ and second x is is number from: ‘Order direction’.
[order=”99″] force to show the post in random order.

[gridwud slug="wud-latest" shape="2" grid="4" ]
[slug=”wud-latest”] to show the latest posts.

[gridwud slug="wud-latest" shape="2" grid="4" order="99" ]
[order=”99″] to show the post in random order.

[gridwud slug="cat" group="my-story, sample-2, my-things, my-world, sample-3, videos, grid-wud, sample-1, my-galleries, my-projects"]
slug=”cat” where cat indicates that the group contains categories.
where tag indicates that the group contains tags.
if  slug cat is used, use category slugs (comma separated, max .10).
if slug tag is used, use tags slugs (comma separated, max. 10).
RESULT (Multi Grid WUD):

Like this we can mix all this short codes until we have what we need.
[gridwud slug="my-things" shape="2" grid="4" tiles="2" bg="3" order="99" button="0"]

[gridwud slug="my-things" shape="2" grid="4" tiles="2" order="21" button="0"]