Options to display the grid/tile image

Every grid/tile haves a background image (if available) explained here.
This image can be showed with different possible options.

Featured image: If enabled it will load first the featured image if available..
Image on hover: If enabled it will zoom in the image on mouse over action.
Grey images: Show all the grid images as grey images and in color on mouse over action.
– Parameter to determine size of the grid rounded corners.

Grids or Tiles
– If selected it shows Tiles, if not it shows grids in the front.
– If you selected Tiles, you can add a shadow to it.
Note: Tiles can be forced by the short code [tiles=”x”] (see short code page).

Default grid image
– If Grid WUD does not find a post, featured or gallery image, it will use this default image.
Upload image: to upload a new or select an existing image from the media library.
Use the Default image: it will use the image from Grid WUD.
– Use a Thumbnail, Medium or Full image size as background for the tile/grid.
Note: The images can be hidden by the short code: [bg=”x”] (see short code page).

Tip: use left/right arrow button after you used the slider.

Size Grids/Tiles and Galleries: in % or px, which is the maximum allowed size.
– If the container size is smaller then the page size, select here the position of the container. 
Fade in grid : will fade in the grids/tiles by page load.