Settings for the “Read More …” buttons.

The Read More … buttons can have their own color, font size or family, text and rounded corners.
Depends which goal you set, the button shows more tiles or the related archive page.

– Set the background and text color from the buttons.
Font size slider for the buttons.
– Set the font family or use the default (inherit).
– Read more button text for category/ tag/ archive pages.
– Read more button text for standard grid pages.
– Parameter to determine size of the round corners from the button .
– Set action  when last Grid is showed: Do Nothing, Hide the button or set the button in a gray color.
– You can force the button target by using the short code: [button=”x”]
If “x”=”0” force Grids lay-out, “x”=”1” hide the Button, “x”=”2” force Archive page lay-out.




Target for the “Read More …” button.

Target read more button:  more grids or the archive page.
– Grids order by: Date, Name, Post ID or Random.
– Grids order direction: Ascending or Descending.

Target URL when clicking on a grid or tile
–> URL format by ID => Post/Page
–> URL format by Name => Post/Page
–> No target (URL disabled)


What is the target of the Read More … button

Target = more grids

Target = Archive page